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  1. Typical of B.R’s efforts and talents-outstanding site. As a former electrician I will forgive her for selecting a “Plumber” as co-editor. Top in my opinion is the “Kourt House” & the Kanjorski piece.

  2. I’m attaching an article I posted. Rambles a little, but this mortgage issue you raise is a complicated crisis. I’m dealing with it every day. I like your comments. Gene

  3. Re: Obama and the mosque. The man is getting more and more brazen. As it becomes more and more clear that he will NOT be re-elected, I fear what more he will do to ruin this country. Ousting Reid and Pelosi, who would follow him over a cliff, is our first hope. Well written article.

  4. This country is nuts. All this stuff is intended to distract us while our way of life disintegrates.

    Keep up the good writing.

  5. How about booting the semi pro baseball teams and turn that facility over to full time year round use by every high school and college team that wants to use a nice stadium? Why are the people in charge around here so limited in their vision?

  6. Just stumbled across the site and am very impressed. Happy to see Betty is still muckraking and doing a great job of it. Keep up the good work.

  7. Would anyone like some info pertaining to a few people?

  8. Hi Betty. Seems like corruption is the only way to make money. Did you see the 2 hottest areas for college grads? Cashiers and retail sales. If this is the best colleges can do the money should be refunded. They misrepresent the likelihood of a Nona Gide career. You also mentioned that there is no investigative reporting. We miss terrie and josh Moyer and Andrew Staub.

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes, this is all a pretty sad reflection on our area. I miss those reporters too. Our newspapers are allowing these elected and appointed officials to get away with more and more corruption. A lot of it, I suspect, will never be uncovered.

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